Israel Tour 2023 — October 17-27, 2023

Celebrate Israel's 75th birthday on the streets of Jerusalem

Maoz Israel Tour

Millions of people come to see the ancient stones that remain as testimony of the incredible stories of old. But how many get to hear the rest of the story?

Maoz Israel Tour is dedicated entirely to making sure you get the whole story from the heart of native-born Israelis!

Tips included. Flight not included. Discount airfare is available.

Bask in our Middle Eastern spring sun, see our desert in full bloom and fall in love with a land and a people.

Get an inside look from



God had a plan and it began long ago – but it continues today in the story of modern Israel! Come walk the ancient roads and modern paths and hear the miraculous stories old and new.

Meet Israeli believers from across the land and tour with members of the Maoz Israel team

Places you will visit include:

  • Jerusalem & the Old City
  • Walk the halls of Israel’s Knesset (parliamentary building)
  • Visit Maoz Israel facilities including the Fellowship of Artists studio
  • Walk from the Garden of Gethsemane, to the Western Wall through the narrow streets of the Old City of Jerusalem
  • Climb to the top of an ancient Synagogue to take in the best 360° view of the entire city
  • Complete your trip with a live worship concert featuring handpicked Israeli worship leaders
  • Tel Aviv
  • Meet Israeli believers from across the land and worship with handpicked Israeli worship leaders
  • Enjoy the riveting stories in modern hangouts in Tel Aviv
  • Take in the Mediterranean sea view from Jaffa – the oldest port in the world
  • Enjoy the riveting stories of the Sarona quarter in Tel Aviv
  • Visit popular locations in Tel Aviv like the Carmel market
  • Galilee Region
  • Worship where Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee (you’ll have a boat)!
  • Eat at a Druze village tucked away in the hills of Galilee
  • Stand on Mount Carmel where Elijah called down fire
  • Explore the Mount of Beatitudes and the rushing waters of the Jordan river
  • Visit Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial and spend the afternoon with Holocaust survivors
  • Go to a detention camp where the British held Jews trying to escape the Holocaust
  • Dead Sea
  • See the 2000 year old Dead Sea Scrolls found in the caves of Qumran
  • Explore Ein Gedi a hidden gem in the midst of the desert
  • Float in the Dead Sea

Save the Date

October 17-27, 2023

Important Details

  • Special discounted airfare available for the tour. Contact Adoption Airfare® for more information.
  • Price is based on double occupancy. If traveling alone, you can room with someone else or pay for a single room
  • Itinerary subject to change. Please understand that our schedule for visiting specific places is subject to change due to weather or congestion in certain areas. We may adjust timing of visits to certain locations.
  • If you have any physical disabilities with walking long distances or hiking, please note that a few sites may be difficult to experience fully.
Support Israel’s salvation!
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