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Shani Ferguson
Por Shani Ferguson
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This coming week most of the Maoz team in Israel will be flying to the U.S. for a three-week worship tour. A few of our staff will stay in Jerusalem to hold down the fort, but we are excited to have such a large representation (20+ Israelis) coming to the U.S. especially for theMaoz Generations Conference in Dallas, TX.

We begin the trip at the MJAA conference in Pennsylvania and will spend the good part of a week there. Then we drive south to Willis, Texas for a night of worship at the Light Church on July 13th and close out with the Maoz Generations Conference July 15th-16th at Baruch Hashem Congregation in Dallas.

This trip is significant because the transition of leadership of Maoz (which had been planned for years) from my parents to Kobi and I actually took place during COVID. This meant we were never able to have a proper public celebration honoring their decades of labor and looking forward to the future. That is part of what the Generations Conference is about.

We’ve been planning this event for months, but we’ve been dreaming about it for years: taking Israeli worship to the nations, and celebrating the passing of the baton from one generation to the next. And, encouraging all of you who encounter Maoz to live in a way that will matter a generation from now.

As this is a tour that has the potential of impacting the lives of many in their understanding and love for God and Israel, we have experienced some intense spiritual opposition. And so, for this week’s prayer requests I’d like to cover all aspects of the trip in prayer:

  • Father, You are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You both live in our moment and in the long story You planned—from beginning to end—before the foundations of the earth.
  • You see our lives, the lives of our ancestors and the lives of our descendants all at once.
  • We thank You for those who came before us who followed Your ways and passed on the blessings. We want to do the same for those who come after us.
  • Many logistics go into bringing almost 30 Israelis to the U.S. for several weeks. From the expected 3-hour security lines in the Tel Aviv airport, to U.S. customs, to ground transportation—we ask that You go before the team and clear the path for everyone to arrive in one piece with all our luggage intact.
  • We ask for complete health and protection against injuries.
  • A trip with many variables is complicated and unexpected changes can have chain effects on other things. We ask for clear communication between everyone on the team.
  • We have often been told by both believers and unbelievers how pleasant the atmosphere is in our ministry center because of the comradery between our team members with each other. This brings us much joy, because Yeshua said we would be known as His by our love for one another. We ask that this atmosphere of God’s favor be on the team during the trip as well.
  • Please bless and empower the conference speakers to offer words of faith and wisdom to the conference attendees. Please give them a keen understanding of what needs to be said, and for attendees, discernment to hear the message and know how to put the wisdom into practice.
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