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Shani Ferguson
Por Shani Ferguson
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Have you ever tried to find words to describe Israel? If you have, I bet the word «simple» was probably not one of them. Because in Israel a week where …

  1. Iran explains it doesn’t need nukes to wipe Israel off the map
  2. Turkey and Israel resume their diplomatic relations
  3. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas tells the German chancellor Israel has committed 50 Holocausts against his people, and
  4. A Jewish U.S. businessmen takes the first drive from Dubai all the way to Jerusalem by way of Saudi Arabia

…would be categorized in Israel as both an extraordinary week, and a pretty normal one.

Though our military and government will work tirelessly to defend us behind the scenes, Iran’s threat of annihilation was sloughed off by Israelis. As we see it, in every generation someone feels the need to try to destroy us and it never works out well for them. The Jewish approach to fighting such battles by become an entity that is desirable by those not blinded by ideology. Which is why, despite significant political differences, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE open their doors wide to Israel.

In a rare moment of accountability, Mahmoud Abbas chose the wrong time and place to push his Palestinian ideology. First, using Holocaust terminology against Israel to try to win the favor of the German chancellor is not the greatest idea, but to do so while in Germany is, well—apparently criminal. The statement was made when Abbas was asked if he would apologize for the 1972 massacre of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich by Palestinian terrorists. Abbas responded that they could discuss the past if they want but that “Israel has committed 50 massacres…50 slaughters…50 Holocausts” against his people.

According to the Bild, Germany’s most popular newspaper, the chancellor failing to immediately condemn the statement in the press conference and has significantly damaged his approval ratings (which dropped to 25%). Germans have a strong sense of guilt and regret regarding the Holocaust and so the comment—that clearly belittled the Holocaust—won Abbas no points from the Germans. In fact, as there are strict laws regarding denying the horrors of the Holocaust, the Berlin Police Department opened an investigation on charges that could carry a sentence of three years in prison.

Of course, Hamas and Islamic Jihad—who rarely agree on anything, despite their mutual hate for Israel—made public statements supporting the “50 Holocausts” narrative and condemning the police investigation. Obviously, Abbas is in no danger of being imprisoned in Germany as such an action would be an international nightmare for Germany. However, Abbas clearly felt the pressure as he begrudgingly made a rare statement denouncing the actual Holocaust calling it “the most heinous crime in modern human history.”

The ebb and flow of paradoxes and irony come with the Mid-East territory. Friends today doesn’t mean friends tomorrow, and enemies today doesn’t mean enemies tomorrow. And it is this very dynamic that adds to our faith that God can make drastic changes to the playing field.

Prayer Concerning Work and Home

This past weekend as we finished up the Shabbat Service at our young and energetic Beresheet (Genesis) congregation I was chatting with Pastor Safafa and his wife. “How can we pray for you?” they asked just as I was leaving. I had nothing specific so without thinking I answered, “Peace and unity in our relationships at home and with our team at work. First, because this is the environment in which each of us will grow and blossom into what God has made us. And second, because how can the enemy attack and succeed against a unified front in the Lord?” And so, this will be the prayer topic this week as it relates both to the Body in Israel—and to your life personally!

  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are the embodiment of unity.
  • Let us experience this unity with You and others as we abide in You.
  • Words have the power to unite and divide. Give us the words that breathe life especially into those closest to us.
  • Peace of mind is easier to have when there is peace at home. Rebuke and remove forces that would try to hinder Your peace in our homes.
  • Our workplaces—especially workplaces that are kingdom-minded—function best when the vision we are pursuing is clear. Help us understand Your vision clearly and be able to communicate it to our co-laborers when needed.
  • The enemy would use past hurts to skew our experiences in current situations. Shine a light in those moments on the enemy’s strategy. Show us how to view the situation through the eyes of love.
  • Expose and heal hurts and offenses that were created due to miscommunication. Allow us to hear each other’s hearts and believe in the intentions of people over a word here or there.
  • We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. Surely the enemy of our souls is our only true enemy. If nothing else, let us unite under that banner.
  • You desire for us to be in fellowship. True fellowship includes going through tough times together. Getting along with people very different—or very similar to us—requires cultural and social skills. These skills must be learned, so grant us the patience to learn these skills and to be patient with others as they learn.
  • Israel doesn’t have many believers, and those who are will often be spread out in various parts of the country. We ask that you connect believers who would make good friends to encourage and enjoy each other.
  • Remove from our lives and the lives of our loved ones those who are intent on harming or demeaning us.
  • Abolish a spirit of competition between us as believers—whether it be as people, organizations or congregations. You have a specific calling and plan for each of us; we need not waste time and energy trying to beat or be someone/thing else.
  • Forgiveness is a superpower that can release both the offender and the offended to heal. Grant us the power to forgive each other seventy times seven.
  • It’s easy to tell people how much we love You—You are perfect. But You said the world would know we are Yours because of our love for one another. Grant us the grace to demonstrate that love in secret and before men.
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