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septiembre 7, 2022

Oración con respecto a los incidentes que estuvieron por suceder

Shani Ferguson
Por Shani Ferguson
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Filming a teaching from Kobi Ferguson for the new Maoz Israel show that will soon air in both English and Spanish.

If you can believe it, millions of parents in Israel were informed that school would begin on Thursday September 1st less than 24 hours before the school year began.

I, and thousands of other parents who were half expecting school to begin the following week at the earliest, made a mad dash to pick-up last-minute school supplies at the local shops. The first day of school Israeli parents dropped their kids off at school and collectively breathed a sigh of relief. After two years of the on-and-off school experience, this year is looking to be the first one with the potential of being normal. I won’t say that in the area of education we are satisfied Israeli kids are getting the best experience out there, but the daily routine does help stabilize many families.

As for our team at Maoz, we’ve long been asked to offer more teachings from Israel and at last are taking on the project of recording some in podcasts and in a new TV show. More on that as we progress!

Concerning Near Misses

Do you ever wonder how many times God rescues you from bad situations and you never even realized it? Like that five-minute delay that allowed you to avoid an accident, or a wrinkle in your plans that caused you to miss meeting someone who would’ve devastated your life years down the road? Being thankful for the things we never know about is a neat and worthy exercise in gratitude. It also helps keep a posture of worship before the Lord when things go wrong, and we don’t know why.

In Israel, most of the perception of calm has less to do with how many motivated terrorists are out there and more to do with our success rate of our military (and Mossad) catching them before they attack. Occasionally, we get a peek behind the scenes and more fully appreciate the horrors our nation never has to experience.

In this case, it was several successful attacks against Israelis that apparently prompted Israel to release stats of how few that is in comparison to the actual daily threat. In the past several months 1500 suspects were arrested, and several hundred attacks were thwarted as a result. Did you catch that? Several hundred attacks didn’t happen while most of us were sitting on a beach – or at least enjoying a popsicle on a patio somewhere on a warm summer eve.

As I promised, this month’s Maoz Israel Report highlights Operation Breaking Dawn as well as believing soldiers in Israel. However, we’re excited to announce that after years of requests, we’re finally making audio versions of our articles as well as Q&A podcasts available on media platforms (Apple Music, Spotify etc.) as well as our website! You can follow the Maoz Israel Podcast on Apple Podcastsor Spotify to make sure not to miss any new releases.

  • Father, we honor You as the One who spoke time into being. You created, ordained it and it arranged it for Your purposes – and for that we worship You!
  • We thank You for the difficult moments You spared us from without us even knowing.
  • We thank You for the unexpected opportunities that resulted from our lives not going the way we planned. Only You, the Master Storyteller are able to pull off such amazing feats.
  • Thank You for Your protection of the people of Israel in the land You brought them to.
  • You see the plans of Israel’s enemies in their innermost chambers. Expose their plans to those who can thwart them.
  • May distrust, division, and chaos reign in the camps of the wicked.
  • Protect Israelis and their allies around the world who risk their lives to pass on important information from the “bad guys” to the “good guys.”
  • Hamas just executed several Gazans on suspicion of collaborating with Israel. If they did indeed collaborate with Israel against Hamas and other terror groups, we ask that You show favor to the families and loved ones they left behind.
  • We thank You for the new opportunities Maoz is being given to record podcasts, music videos and TV shows that will minister to millions around the world.
  • Grant the Maoz staff the strength and wisdom in coordinating the work amidst their responsibilities to local Israelis.
  • You have called Israel to be a blessing to the nations. We ask for opportunities for Israeli believers across the country to be that blessing – so those around the world will know there has been and still is a God in Israel.
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