Maoz Israel Bericht Oktober 2022

Der Ewigkeit im Lobpreis begegnen

„Euch anbeten zu hören, war ein Vorgeschmack auf die Ewigkeit und die Erhabenheit Gottes“, sagte uns eine Frau am Ende unseres Anbetungsabends. Aussagen wie diese entschädigen uns für all unsere Mühen.

Shani Ferguson
Durch Shani Ferguson

Shalom from Jerusalem!

      “To hear you worship was a taste of eternity and the grandness of God,” a woman told us at the end of our night of worship. Statements like this make all our efforts worth it.

      We always appreciate hearing that “the music is amazing” and “the sound was great” as excellence in our craft is how we give honor to the Lord.  But our purpose for flying halfway across the world, getting up on a stage and worshipping before a crowd was to create an atmosphere in which people would experience God in a way they hadn’t in the past.  

      This is a calling given to the Levites of old and still remains on Israel today – to lead people in worship into the presence of God.  It’s a calling that was never intended to stay in Israel, only to spread from Israel. And we want it shared with the world!

      That’s why we, as a unified group of musicians, technicians, admins, and artists are committed to building a vibrant and healthy community of creatives who are able to impact the whole body of believers in Israel—not just by our new music, our state-of-the-art studio, and our videos, but also by how we live, how we create, how we get along, and how we “do life” together! When Israel prospers spiritually, the world will feel its effects.

      Elections are coming up and the people’s votes will affect our lives. “But we believe those who write the songs of a nation, can affect it just as significantly.” If we do our part and you do yours…our destinies will be intertwined.

      We believe Maoz Israel Music is one of the ways we will impact our community of Hebrew-speaking believers in Israel. We have been in the process of forming a partnership with a top music distributor for several years (COVID slowed everything down) and are about to finalize. To fund both the training of young worship leaders and get Israeli worship out we need an additional $8,000 a month. That’s just 80 people who can give $100 a month to see worship transformed in Israel and reach the world. It’s been promised: Out of Zion, the world will be blessed and we would love for you to be a part of this success!

In His service,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson

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