Eine wohlverdiente Erfrischung nach der Besteigung von Masada und dem Besuch der Quellen von Ein Gedi
Maoz Israel Bericht Juli 2022

Das Einzige, was letztes Mal gefehlt hast, warst DU!


Shani Ferguson
Durch Shani Ferguson

Shalom from Jerusalem!

Don’t these testimonials just make you want to hop on a plane and come to Israel!?!?


Next year is the 75th Anniversary of Israel as a nation! This milestone would be the perfect time for you to come see our Land and experience all of the celebrations planned!  It will truly be a spectacular time to visit Israel!

So now is the time to make your plans.  

Our tour dates for next year are April 16-26, 2023.  You can explore the details at www.maozinsrael.org/tour for more information.

There is no other trip on the planet that will impact your life as much as visiting Israel—the Land where the Infinite stepped into the finite and walked among His creation. It was here that He made us able to refresh our own story.

When you come here on the Independence Tour you will be our personal guest. Simply put, we love our land and we want to share it with you. 

The food, the culture, the Land, the celebrations!  It is ALL waiting for you!  And you’ll get to visit the Maoz Ministry Center headquarters in Jerusalem and meet the team of Israelis that is behind our mission of making believers strong in Israel.


Kobi and Shani Ferguson

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