How it All Began

A journalistic series on the history of Maoz Israel Ministries

The Real Life Story of Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram
(Part 1)

How it All Began

I was 19 years old when I first came face to face with the massive stones of the Wailing Wall. I had come on a tour with my parents and several other well-known ministers. One of these ministers who was known for his boldness turned to the wall and began to pray. “No, no, no!” the local guide whispered in panic. They’ll arrest us if you pray.”

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How it All Began (Part 2)

When Ari Met Shira

Ari acted in about 100 films and TV shows, like C.H.I.P.S., Hawaii Five-0, and the original Wonder Woman series. He played football in the NFL, competed in international track and field, and became a champion heavyweight boxer. But he left it all behind to pursue a radically different calling in Israel.

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How it All Began (Part 3)

The First Congregation

Ari and Shira’s congregation was not the first congregation planted in Israel, but it was the first of its kind—unapologetically geared towards building a Spirit-filled Hebrew-speaking community of Israelis.

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How it All Began (Part 4)

The War, the Immigrants and the Training Center

“Ayal! Wake up!” My pleading and shaking did nothing to stir him until the first explosion hit. Instantly, Ayal bolted from his bed and ran to Shani’s room—as it was our designated “safe room”—and threw on his protective gas mask and suit. Then the six of us—plus the family dog—sat in the bedroom waiting for the promised instructions that would come on radio and TV if we were attacked.

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How it All Began (Part 5)

Israel’s Second Underground Railroad

This resistance gave birth to a sort of “underground railroad” of boats landing in the dead of night near the seashores and overland treks through mountain ranges or deserts.

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How it All Began (Part 6)

The Major and the Millionaire

By divine intervention, a Christian Millionaire and a Lebanese military commander became friends and planted two powerful spiritual weapons that have brought the Gospel to the dry and thirsty lands of the Middle East.

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How it All Began (Part 7)

Diary of an Israeli Soldier

We came across some journal entries Ari kept when he was fighting in the first Lebanon war in the early 1980’s. This rare inside view will give you an intimate look at the life of an IDF soldier during a unique time in Israel.

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How it All Began (Part 8)

The Right to Exist

After Juliette and her daughter committed their lives to Yeshua, her husband took her to court. The right of a Jewish woman to believe in Yeshua without the State of Israel taking her children and home from her was on trial. We had to stand with our fellow believer.

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